How to Earn Bitcoins on Bitcoin Mixer’s Affiliate Program

Bitcoin affiliate programs are designed as referral programs for users who invite new users to a company’s website. Usually, they offer commissions on a weekly basis or automatically. With Bitcoin Mixer’s affiliate program, you get up to 50-65% from service commission which equals 2-5% based on the amount your invited participant mixes.


Your invited participant mix amount = 1.0 BTC
Mixer's commission = 5% from 1.0 BTC = 0.05 BTC
Your affiliate commission = 50% from Mixer's commission = 0.025 BTC

Would you like to learn how this referral program really works? Read further to get the hang of it.


How Bitcoin Affiliate Programs Work


As one of the budding angles of cryptocurrency, Bitcoin affiliate programs help you to earn Bitcoin when you refer people to their site. The internet is filled with several programs which provide mostly 10-20% commission for new participants.

In fact, some programs give a one-time commission for every user you provide. The basic steps to participate in such programs are as follows:

  1. Sign up with your Bitcoin wallet address
  2. Receive and acknowledge the referral link from the site
  3. Post the link on your website or social media accounts such as Facebook and Twitter
  4. Post link on Bitcoin related Forum or on YouTube channel
  5. Encourage people to click on your referral link to use the service offered by the program
  6. Receive your commission when the participant patronizes the website.

If you want to make more money via affiliate programs, you would need a lot of internet traffic. In essence, the higher the number of people who use your referral link, the higher your commission.


How Does Bitcoin Mixer’s Affiliate Program Work?


Now that you’re familiar with the procedures of affiliate programs in general, let’s get specific about Bitcoin Mixer.

Bitcoin Mixer is a mixing service that provides anonymity and security when you mix your Bitcoins.

When you mix your BTC via this medium, you receive clean and untraceable coins. Furthermore, your identity is safe and you can spend your BTC with maximum privacy.

Our affiliate program requires you to refer our mixing service to BTC users looking to mix their coins. When these new participants mix their coins on our service, you immediately receive within 50-65% commission from service fee (mixing service fee is 2-5% of amount which the user mixes). The commissions are always sent directly to your Bitcoin address.

Note, however, that the commission you receive is based on the amount which the user mixes.To earn Bitcoins on our service, you need to carry out the following:

  • Provide your Bitcoin address
  • Receive our referral link
  • Share the referral link with friends on your business website or social media platforms
  • Receive commission on each of the transactions which your friends perform on our mixing service
  • The commissions you receive are not restricted to a single time or limited to specific transactions.

In addition, we suggest that you share the referral link on your internet page with the highest engagement. Why? This enables you to connect with more people and increase your earnings.

Again, Bitcoin Mixer’s Affiliate program provides the payouts in BTC which you can easely convert to dollar or other cryptocurrencies on exchanges. You will also get to monitor the commissions which are paid out in real time.


The Bottom Line


Would you like to earn more Bitcoins without going through the rigors of mining? Join Bitcoin Mixer’s Affiliate program today and get up commission for every participant you invite. Bitcoin Mixer shares 50-65% of its commission (service commission = 2-5%) based on the mixed amount. 

Our mixing service offers you anonymity like no other. Let our referral program make you even richer! Input your Bitcoin address and get your referral link now.