How Bitcoin mixing service works?


A lot of people want to shuffle BTC in order to get the best protection. If you think about it, using this type of approach does make a lot of sense. The last thing you want is to deal with a lack of protection online. That’s where the need for a bitcoin mixer comes into play. It allows you to confuse the trail for your coins. This way you get to keep your money safe without having to worry about someone else tracking them or your personal information.

Most hackers are trying to identify the taint of bitcoin transaction and personal data. You want to avoid any issues as much as possible. But you can’t really do that all the time. Yet with a good approach and focus, you can do that. And that’s the reason why trying to use a bitcoin mixer makes a lot of sense. You can shuffle BTC in no time with such a system and it totally works the way you want it.


How does the bitcoin mixer work?


Follow these simple steps to mix your BTC:

  • 1) Step 1. On the main page input your withdrawal address.
  • 2) Step 2. Set the custom time delay, to let the system know when to forward bitcoins to your new address.
  • 3) Step 3. Press "Next" button.
    bitcoin mixer
  • 4) Step 4. On the second screen, you will see the address where you should send your original coins. Now send your coins to this address:bit mixer
  • 5) Step 5. That's is all you need to do. After your transaction will be confirmed by the miner's system will process your mix instantly in accordance with selected delay.

It’s a simple process. Mixer run your coins through a mixing process, it takes your bitcoins and sends you some new random bitcoins from a random bitcoin address that have no connection with your previous address. Once you deposit your BTC into the mixer, service set a random delay and after it expires send new bitcoins to your withdrawal address. That’s how the system works, also it doesn't require any registration or personal data to mix your coins. Service takes some random fee from 2% to 5%, this is why it is far more difficult to track both transactions because the fee is randomized and unpredictable. Some users call bitcoin mixer like bitcoin fog because it is really impossible to connect your original coins with your newly received coins.

Such a service makes no sense for somebody to try to track your bitcoin transactions in the blockchain because even logical deduction won't help that person to find out the new address of your bitcoins. Even if the service security will be compromised, it won't help the attacker to find out anything about your transaction because our service doesn't store any logs.


Is it worth it?


Since you want to keep yourself and your coins safe, yes, using such a system is always worth it. The last thing you want is to spend a lot of time not knowing how to use and tackle the right challenge.

For example, if you bought your bitcoins on cryptocurrency exchange or from other users as a long-time investment there will be some online data that this transaction belongs to you. And if your personal data will be compromised it can cause some risks to lose your funds. If you don't want somebody could steal your coins from your online wallet use bitcoin mixer to hide your funds on a new address that will not be related to your personal information.


How often should you use a bitcoin mixer?


Well, it all comes down to how many transactions you do. Some people want to use a bitcoin mixer every time they transact bitcoin. Why? Because it makes thing safer and easier for them. And you can’t argue, something like this is indeed a lot better and safer if you approach it with the right confidence and focus. You just have to know how and when to tackle all these things. Ideally, results can be more than amazing as long as you identify the best option for mixing coins. We recommend you to avoid any rush, as mixing bitcoins is important. Pick the right site that will be your bitcoin mixer and study reviews beforehand just to be safe. It’s an important thing to do, so you have to be safe at all costs!